Thursday, 19 January 2017

Remember today's determination to keep learning: Knowledge is power

This week I hardly noticed that I have been learning again.
They say money can't buy happiness and that's true in most cases, but I took a sum of my hard earned money and traded it for something I felt strongly would lift my spirits.

A Canon Eos 1300d and a bunch of books to help me stay well-informed in my teaching career.

It was a lot of money but it reminded me why I did it - because learning has been a thing about life that keeps me going and wanting to accomplish something big.

I need to remember this when I underestimate what I am capable of.
I need to remember that what one of my very first teachers during my studies said was and remains a very important reminder: "Keep reading reference works of others. Keep doing research."
I need to remember what my late father told me: "Learn as long as you still can."
And most of all I need to remember, that when I start to become self-conscious, I need to take the learning path because knowledge is power.

Knowledge is power.

This camera in my hand will help me increasingly improve my observation skills.
The books with the knowledge will be my tools of the trade with which I built epic foundations I build my teaching career on.

Dear children whose lives were, are and will be in my hands. I will help you survive this cruel world and show you how to make it better... if that is the last thing I do.

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