Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Winter is here

The first snowfall came down last week and I woke up with a lovely feeling. Winter in Hildesheim compared to winter in Goslar? Milder and less chilly. Even though the minus temperatures are here. It feels just a little different. Not like being in Goslar. In the mountains.

But I could still hear the snow crunching beneath my feet when I make my way on foot. The mornings are still a little dark... and the sun rises late. But that's normal. It's just a little hard doing that on Mondays when I go to school when it's dark and come back when it's also dark.

I don't like taking pictures of Germany when there's no snow. I think she's a little to grey for that. But when it snows then her beauty comes through. I don't know why.

Catching up (and coping) with  the workload at school is a little annoying for me right now. Though I try to stay positive and most of all to do my best to update my oh-so-neglected blog.
But I'm gonna have a long weekend this week so I'm gonna seize that. Until then :)


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