Sunday, 7 October 2012

Painting in stormy weather

Painting during the week.

I picked up the brush again last Monday and the days after that, despite the feeling that my artist's block is still breathing down my neck somehow. The days here are getting shorter. The sun hardly to be seen. The only reason for me to complain about sun is when it is absent when I need it so that I see every colour and its every shade.

On Wednesday, October 3rd 2012, was Germany's "Tag der deutschen Einheit" - German Reunification Day. It was a public holiday so I had no school and took the time to finish the new painting. It was my first one on canvas panel.

Not planning to write about school today. I still feel like a weirdo there but it helps everytime I stop thinking about how I'm supposed to please everyone and their drama.

It isn't cold enough to turn on the heater yet, but my warm clothes are already out. And I notice that my hands are starting to get cold and remain cold. It's amusing how every person I shake hands with jolt or jump at the right moment now. Hehe.

The leaves are turning gold and then they fall away. Acorns, Chestnuts (thanks to the locals, I now know they're poisonous), maple leaves - all native to the region - lie scattered on the ground. Things I haven't really seen in real life until I came to Germany. And lately it's been so stormy with winds of up to 140km/h that I've also seen uprooted and broken trees.
This is Autumn, as I was told. Just wet, windy and stormy.

Glad I took some time away from the internet last week. As much as I used to believe that I can only be inspired through it, the one-week break from the net was much needed and necessary. My focus shifted onto other less distracting things, like reading, enjoying my walks and listening to music.

And then it pays off to make time for art.

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