Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stumble of the day: Sae Kurosawa's Bloody Kimono

I found a Cosplay/Halloween costume of Sae Kurosawa's Bloody Kimono on, the one she wore in Fatal Frame 2 (or Project Zero 2).


Sae Kurosawa was a twin who was sacrificed during a ritual in the Forgotten Village. In the ritual, one twin is supposed to kill the other, so that they may be 'one'. But because her twin sister, Yae Kurosawa, escaped and didn't perform the ritual, Sae was hanged anyway by the priests and her lifeless body was thrown (aka sacrificed) into the Abyss to Hell.
The ritual was hence performed wrongly, and Sae came back with a vengeance and her spirit massacred the entire village.
She is always waiting for the return of her twin sister, so that the ritual may be completed.

Sae is the final boss in the game and one hard spirit to defeat.
She 'killed' me dozens of times with just one touch.

Here you can see the that Kimono is being folded with the left side over the right. That's how Sae wore her Kimono on the day of the ritual, before she was killed.
In Japan, this is how they wear it to a funeral or a burial.
I didn't know this fact until I read about the Kimono yesterday.
Gives me the creeps.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
There are quite a few Kimono to be seen in the game, and I loved them all.
The dolls wore a Kimono, the spirits, even the spirit children (though they aren't really adorable when they can kill you).
I should be able to buy one for my character too, but to do that I'd have to banish enough ghosts and earn crazy amounts points.

 Bloody Kimono pictures via: AGypsyRed at

 I think it was a great idea to make a costume out of this.
I wonder if a Bloody Kebaya would render the same effect? Haha.


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