Sunday, 5 August 2012

H. R. Giger's Aliens

There's something stunning and erotic about H. R. Giger's creatures, especially the Aliens.
I watched the film series once again over the week, which brought back memories of my dad showing me the film when I was about 6-year-old. He enjoyed scaring me and found it amusing sometimes when I play along.

I was fascinated by these creatures and even now I still am.
They used to give me strange vibes but after watching the films this time I felt so inspired and aroused at the same time. It was such a strange feeling... but it's how it feels for me everytime I see some heavy, intensive, really terrifying artworks come to life.

These things sexually abuse you, feed off you, grow inside you, and then kill you...

Alien warrior

The queen

This unusual head shape is just so... wow...

What you see underneath the smooth (slimey) sheild.

Is that a smile or a snare?

This 'fuck me' position... it's intimidating yet inviting.

An interesting version... ;)

Anatomy of a Facehugger and how it implants an egg in a person's airway.
The alien would then grow in your chest (specifically in your lung) and you give birth to it the moment it bursts out, breaking your ribcage open, and escapes of your dead body.

Another Facehugger illustration.

My favourite scene #1:

My favourite scene #2


  1. I agree, HR Giger's alien designs are unique and beautiful. You see them as a work of art, for me as a film fan, I always loved the aliens for their iconic history as movie villains.

    What I loved the most about them was the fact that they were extremely intelligent. They only have two purposes: to breed and to kill, and yet they have proven to be adaptable and quick learners. This was very obvious in the 2nd and 4th films.

    I also find it very amusing that the human corporations keep thinking they can use the aliens for their own gain, never learning from their mistakes. It's part of the fun, I guess.

    Which instalment did you like most?

  2. The second film, Aliens, is in my opinion the best one. It's nervewrecking from start to finish and there's more action and thrill to it as compared to the rest.