Monday, 23 July 2012

Gothic fantasy art: "I must have sinned"

 I Must Have Sinned (2012)
by Ira Roslan
40cm x 50cm
Acrylic on canvas

My last painting in this strange blue people collection is completed and the timing couldn't be more perfect. So many hours spent on this one and I finished it over the weekend, with some final touch-ups on Sunday.

This puts some of the hardest times in my life on display. That sense of being far from home and alone. Being in a moment where I couldn't turn back, nor go forward.
Being human.

And I felt like an angel that had gotten his wings ripped off, who then fell like lightning from heaven.
Lost in the vast emptiness and ignorance.
This tells me: it is time to decide what I am going to do.

Here are some more shots of the painting.
Enjoy :)

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