Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Kindergarten teacher saves child (Germany)

This happened here in the region yesterday and it's news that at first shocked me, because I thought this could involve one of my colleagues. But thankfully it didn't. It had also moved me, which is why I decided to shared this with my readers.

A harmless excursion turned into a horrifying event when a 3-year-old boy, who was playing near a pile of tree trunks, fell into an old 25m-deep, dark mining shaft in the ground.

A 37-year-old Kindergarten teacher showed no hesitation and jumped right after him without knowing how deep the pit was.

They were very, very lucky because they fell into a pool of water deep enough to break the impact of their fall without causing any serious injuries. But the water was 5°C. The woman managed to hold on to the boy with one hand and with the other she held on to a crack in the wall, enough to keep herself and the boy above water.

They had to bear the cold temperature for about an hour and a half until they were finally rescued and brought to the hospital. And they only suffered minor injuries.

The pit was once a schaft that was used to let in light and air into a mine that was used until well into the '50s. The pit was claimed to be originally 70m to 80m deep.

This story shocked me because I know what the situation is like... I know what it's like to be in the forest, on an excursion with 40 kids, and you can see them play in every corner, in every crack, behind every bush and tree and you can't just keep an eye on every single one of them. You can think that you feel safe or that the ground beneathe your feet will carry you.

In this case, some people just covered the huge pit with a pile of cutdown tree trunks. Who would've thought that there's danger waiting to happen? Nobody can foresee that.

I'm so thankful right now because I hadn't experience anything as horrifying as this and I hope not to. But this showed me another reality of the job...

Here are some screenshots from the news report:

 The 3-year-old boy, Jannick

 Stephanie, the kindergarten teacher, received thanks from either colleague or parent (not sure)

 I'm sure the child's parents would be thankful for this for the rest of their lives.

 That little dark gap under a pile of tree trunks anyone would think is harmless.

 The rescue.

This woman risked her life and because of that (and little bit of luck), she saved a life.

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