Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Not welcome

Just woke up from a dream where I came home to my grandma's but everyone hated the sight of me. They took out all the letters they tried to send to me, which came back unopened. And they showed me prints of 'screen captures' of my blog indicating that they they have been 'monitoring' me from a distance.

They didn't say a word when I talked to them but only laughed at me thinking that I'm just not welcome anymore. I felt so sad when I woke up... my homesickness was gone


  1. Now I'm wondering if you're stressed out the past few weeks.

  2. They all miss you. Looking forward to you coming home and telling them stories of a foreign land and the adventures you had.

  3. Crying spells and outbursts. I was very stressed.
    But it's a phase that's over for now.