Thursday, 14 June 2012

Strange statues in our world

A grotesque carved stone. Usually made of granite.
Designed as a buillding's outer drainage system which leads water away from the sides, therefore avoiding erosion.
I love looking at them because they're one of a kind. Just creatures and figures sitting so high up, looking down on the city. They will stay perfectly still as if waiting for the moment to just break away.
To me they seem like they're cursed to forever be made of stone.

 Angel Tombstones:
These are one of the reason I would take strolls in a cemetery. They are wonderful works of art.
Flawless, realistic and most of all amazingly scary.
Most of them are angels, crying and mourning over the dead.
To me it's one of the best depictions of loss, grief and eventually healing.

Weird/Obscene Statues:
Some things just can't be understood. When I see them I wonder too much... like I would wonder why would anyone go through the hard work of even designing it? What does it mean? And why is it there?
I could keep looking and wondering and in the end I kind of like that feeling of not having any answer.
It's just what it is... whatever it is.

Really mysterious statues:
Look at this Nazgûl-lookalike thing...
 This could be a tombstone in a cemetary or just a figure in a park.
Whatever it is, I like the mystery behind it.
And what I also do love about statues, is the illusion they sucessfully play.
It makes us think that they could be real... that they could anytime just come alive.
Imagination goes crazy.
And if they do what are you going to do?

 The blind Lady Justice:
This is probably my most favourite statue out there. Justice portrayed as a blind woman holding a scale. Sometimes she stands tall in front of a court of justice, guarding her territory.
She will judge your deeds should there be a need.
She does not see you, she does not know you, she does not give the slightest care about you.
And I think this is powerful.

Moments frozen in time:
I personally have no idea what's the story behind a naked man who's kicking the shit out of babies (Designed by sculptor Gustav Vigeland). This is probably one of the weirdest things I've seen. These figures were exhibited in a Norwegian park... apparently portraying the relationships between men and women and children.
There are others too, like couples embracing, children playing, crying, kicking, and emotions like anger and sadness are all being frozen in time.

What are your favourite moments in life?
What would they look like frozen and immortalized?

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