Saturday, 17 December 2011

Our father in hell

After work yesterday I spent some time in downtown Goslar. Walked into a bookstore to collect a book I recently ordered. Paid for it -  €8,99.
A horrifying book with a horrifying title. And what's being written in it is extremely, extremely brutal. A true story that happened here in Germany.

"Vater under in der Hölle"
by Ulla Fröhling
The title means "Our father in hell".
A story about a woman, Angela Lenz, whose soul was broken and destroyed after being abused -sexually, physically, mentally, emotionally - in a satanic cult her whole life. Her story is being told here.

This book was recommended to me by my german teacher. After he read a few pages out loud, I cannot believe how painful it was to listen. 

I want to know everything that Angela had to go through.

It' so insane that I don't even think there's an english version of it.
Though I found a summary here.

A review will definitely follow, when I'm done with this.

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