Saturday, 11 June 2011

Why is it so hard to follow your dreams?

Why is it so hard to follow your dreams?
Because it's scary.
That's why.
The fear of failing stares right in your face.
And just like that you'd rather just stick to the dreaming than to take action.

Maybe there are no such things as dreams because the term 'follow your dreams' sounds like 'obey the rules' or 'obey the law' or 'listen to your parents'. It puts some kind of barrier in front of you and you think, ah shit, what's the use of only giving others what they want?

And you're right. It's absolutely useless. And not only that, it's pressurising to some point too.

But what happens when we dream about a plan, a goal, something to achieve 'before we die'?
Here's what always happens: We immediately think about where we want to be and before we visualise about how we are supposed to get there we start fantasising about what it would be like to already 'be there'.

It's tricky not to be caught in the trap called fantasy, which exists between the visual and the doing. Then after fantasising a little way too much we snap out of it, realize that we need to take some action, but then be stopped short because fear creeps in. Suddenly we don't dare to anymore. Suddenly it all seems a little way too complicated.
What happened? I'll tell you what happened: the unrealistic happened.
Which is why... dreams... are so hard to follow.

Or perhaps fear isn't the issue. Perhaps it's just not having enough time, or having other 'more important' things to do, or having given up after several failed attempts, the list goes on. The list of excuses.
That's also what makes dreams so hard to make real.

What did they do - those who live and has lived their dreams?
How did they do it?
Why did they do it?

Here is how:

- one realistic dream
- burning passion
- powerful will
- a lot of patience
- positive (not unrealistic) attitude
- trial and error
- never giving up
- knowing when enough is enough

These people do it either for the right reasons or for no reason at all.
They don't do it for the money or for fame. They can live without it as long as they're doing what they love doing. They do it because they know they can and because they really, really want to.

It's that passion you feel being around those you love, when you're hungry and sitting before a table of your favourite meal, while taking in the most picturesque and breath-taking view you've ever seen, in lust, in sex, orgasm, vampire blood (just had to somehow mention that), and beyond.
It's pure, unsurpassed energy. And that is what it takes.

Anyone can dream. And anyone can make their dreams come true.
But only few can make it to the point that they're living in it.

Dreams, however, have a dark side too - sometimes known as 'evil plans'.
We've seen, in history, many who carried out their plans. And many others have paid for it with their lives. Conquerence, Power, War, Control - why do they exist?
They exist because all the factors of making a particular 'dream/plan' come true are being fullfilled. It works just the same way. This is just another form of 'living the dream'.

When there's a will, there's a way.
And whoever said that knew what dreams are really about.

So I'm pointing out how powerful one's will is at making things happen.
You only have to want it, and that's already the first step.
And because you took the first step, you have to remember that what comes next is another step. And then another. And another. And so on.
No leaping. No skipping. No running. No flying. Not unless you've taken all the steps you need to take. And it has always been one step at a time.

If you are afraid to follow your dreams - afraid of rejection, afraid of failure, afraid that the world will end - then ask yourself why.
If you fail and feel like you have to punch a wall, rip a tree out of the ground, cry, or shout til you lose your voice then by all means, do so. So long as you don't hurt anyone else OR yourself.

But there's only one simple thing you need to do when you fall: Get back up.
And once you're at it: Take your time. Have patience. Learn. change. Then try again.

With or without dreams, it doesn't make you any less of who you are.
I'm just saying that sometimes we all feel a little unsatisfied with our lives because we didn't make this or that happen or because we should have done this or that. Or we listen and give in too much to what others think about us. We become vain and bitter.
But what for?

Your life is yours to live. Decisions are yours to make.
And what others think about you is in fact absolutely none of your business.
Respect who you are first, then others will respect you.

May your dreams be good. :)

"You can create.
Without competition.
Without self-seeking."

- Eckhart Tolle


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