Sunday, 10 October 2010

Granestausee, Goslar

Saturday, 09.10.2010, we took a long walk to the Granestausee, a lake in the Harz (the highest mountain range in northern Germany) 7.3km away from home.

I had made Shephard's Pie for breakfast and soon after Micha and I started off for the lake. We left at 11:00, and arrived at almost 12:30. It was 13°C that day, clear skies, and windy.

The way there was long and mostly uphill. We went through the Innenstadt (downtown), then came to a quiet residential area. The road ended where the gravelled path began and kept on going through the forest. We could see Goslar from up there.

The way was tough but possible. I thought to myself that it was going to be worth it. Our path split a few times, luckily there were signs nailed to trees that gave directions. We had a map with us too just in case. And we had to refer to it so much anyway that it started to tear near the folds.

After one and a half hours of walking we saw this:

Our first view of the Granestausee.

It was a beautiful massive lake surrounded by mountains where one could escape from all the stress, or simply to appreciate such wonder.

Any kind of watersports aren't allowed here to preserve the water.
So it's in other words: nature untouched.

A walkway next to the waters.

I told Micha, "I want to be a bird for the next 10 minutes just to see what the entire place looks like from up there."
His response, "Then you turn into a human again and end up in the water."

A strange woman standing in the shadows of autumn trees.

There in the distance is a dam, about 61m high and 600m long.
" the one in James Bond: Golden Eye, Nintendo 64!" he said.

Last view of the lake before heading home.

At one end of the dam.

Yellow forest trees. Feeling 'autumn'... :)

We walked a different direction back home, it was around 4km more of walking.
My legs were burning from waist down but I have to say that all that walking got my heart going. And it was beautiful from start to finish.

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