Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sunrise over Goslar

07:00 - Sun rising behind the mountains.

I have a shadow. :-O

Oh, so much heart-pounding this morning. Despite having two alarm clocks, none of them went off, and like that isn't enough, the time changed somewhere in the middle of the night. Micha was late for work! On one of the very important days. He was calm but I was the one who was panicking.

I think I'll try to wake up 15 minutes earlier each day until I can get up at 04:30 or something. Then there's no way anyone will be late unless they died.

It's 10°C outside, and the weather forecast predicts rain in the late morning, cloud cover and a little bit of sun in the early afternoon, and more rain for the rest of the evening. At the moment the days feel like the way they are in Singapore... the length of day and night. Sunrise at 7 a.m. and sunset at 7 p.m.

But soon daylight will get shorter. Everybody else is probably so used to it that they don't really notice, but I do, and it just feels like a totally different world. Beautiful.

Ok, warm breakfast and then work.