Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Pea Coat for Winter if it isn't obvious enough that I can't wait for Winter when it's not even Fall.

So I got my eyes on something. I got my eyes on a Pea Coat (or Pilot Coat, P-Coat, Navy Coat, Marine Coat, Military Coat, or whatever else it is and used to be called).

They are - in my honest opinion - classic, uniformy, professional, and timeless.

Large collar, buttons on the front and on the sleeves, pockets.

This is so professional-looking, whether you're only taking a walk or going to work, this fits right in.

A typical Pea Coat design... which is so so cool :D

Longer version that's really elegant.
This reminds me of what Arwen would wear if she lived, and lived at this age.
Unfortunately I'm vertically challenged... soooo... yeah.
But I still love it.

A more casual-looking one.

Other designs that come belted. Makes it look like trenchcoats.

Clean and simple.

It looks good on men and women, no matter what you're wearing or not wearing below, nobody cares coz they all notice the coat - how snug and fitted it is, and not to mention warm if it's made from wool.

I don't usually want a lot of things, but I do want a pea coat :P
Maybe... just maybe.

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  1. Considering where you live, I'd say a pea coat would look really good on you. You try wearing this in Malaysia...weird.