Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I going to make it. Tomorrow will be the first day of autumn. According to the universe, it's the day of the year when the sun crosses the celestial equator moving southwards.
Whatever that means, I think it's huge.

It still feels pretty summery, with the sun shining a lot, the birds coming out, kids playing outside, and it's okay to leave the windows open for the day because it feels like 25°C, which is more than comfortable for me (having been so used to 30°C all my life).

I took a morning walk in the forest alone this morning. Despite the sun being out already, it was still noticably cool underneath the canopy of all the trees. It was quiet and still. The only sounds were the sound of a dead leaf falling every couple of seconds, making a loud 'crack!' sound as it falls through to the bushes below. Magpies crossed my path once in awhile, and the bees were still buzzing, and busy.

Autumn doesn't only mean a lot of rain, mushrooms, or fallen leaves. It also means Evanescence's brand new album release! I'm so looking forward to that. It also means Halloween but in reality I don't quite celebrate that. Last year I did the whole vampire thing, with a really nice maxi dress, choker, tons of eye-makeup, minus the fangs, and it was cool but honestly it didn't really work for me.

Today I made sweet banana fritters just because I miss having them. My mum gave me some tips yesterday by email. They turned out really good and they also reminded me of old times.

There's an event tomorrow at the Arbeitsagentur (employment agency) - a seminar of some sort open to the public that's for people who are new to Germany. The funny thing is, I have the location but I don't have the time. Micha wrote a note for me before he left for Northeim to do his course for the whole of this week, but I can't really make out what he wrote. :S
I'm gonna have to do something else other than worry about it. Even if it's good if I could come, it isn't at all something that I must do.

It still feels rather weird being totally on my own. I kind of have a love-hate relationship about that. It's nice since I have all the time to myself, no noise, but it's weeeeird when I start talking to myself (or my paintings). Hee. :D

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  1. I wasn't aware at all that Evanescence has a new album. I wonder how big they are in Germany.

    It's not weird to talk to yourself. I do it all the time :)