Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sad news

Mohrle's way of saying 'Guten Morgen, Ira! Wach auf!'
Good morning, Ira! Wake up!

I'd like to dedicate this little post to my feline buddy, Mohrle. There's some things I'd like to remember.

Over the past couple of weeks, Mohrle has had to go to vet a few times . Mutti noticed that her chin was swollen. After an x-ray we found out that one of her tooth was growing into her gums below, and there's more, and it isn't good news.

There is a growth, or rather tumour which is causing the swelling, and the bones in her jaw seem to be 'disappearing'. She is losing bone mass, like people who suffers from osteoporosis do.
You can't really see the swelling in this picture though. When we went to the vet yesterday, we were told that the swelling has gotten a little worse, and that it could probably be cancer. The best we can do right now is make sure she isn't suffering any unbearable pain. And Mohrle isn't in pain at the moment. The vet perscribed her some painkillers and antibiotics. So she's feeling alright, and she's eating well too.

At the clinic Micha showed me a poster on the door and on it was a table called 'How old is your pet in human years'. Mohrle being 18-19 years old; in human years she is around 85. And that is very old for a cat. That's almost my great-grandmother's age (and she's already on all sorts of medications and losing memory by the days).

After the vet mentioned 'Krebs' (cancer) Micha looked at me and I could see that he was a little... sad. He told me that we could still keep things up the way it is, with the painkillers and all, but once that stops working or things get much worse then it isn't worth it to keep Mohrle in pain. And you know what that means.

On the positive side (and it's amazing that there always is one), it's a very good thing that she doesn't have dementia or anything of that sort like some cats of her age would already have. Mohrle has lead a healthy, happy life ever since she stayed with the Kohl family. They're known each other way, way longer than I have. I think the first time Micha had her was when she was a few weeks old, and he was 7 (?). Or so. She's totally part of the family.

The first time I met her in 2007 I was so nervous to even touch her since my past experiences with cats weren't very nice and I've always had to be extra careful around one. Maybe it's just the fact that cats in Singapore are also so full of stress... But Micha told me to just relax and let her come to me, and as if it was the most normal thing she totally accepted me. She doesn't bite, scratch, get all agressive, or shit and piss all over the place... I don't think I would've ever believed it could be true in a cat if I hadn't known Mohrle.
My cousin and uncle have cats, and they're all crazy.

"I don't know what we did right with this cat," Micha once told me.
I don't know either but whatever it was, it worked. In my opinion, I think the fact that everyone in the family was ready to take on the responsibility of having a pet is what makes it so much easier for Mohrle too. A pet is never an object or a thing, it's an individual, with needs and senses, and having one around the house is as good as having another person in the house. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment.

I didn't expect to still be able to meet her again when I came this year, so I'm grateful. I'll miss her when she's gone.
And when Micha needs a shoulder to cry on, I'll be ready.

A clip of Mohrle giving me a high-5! :D


  1. I never knew animals could get cancer. That's real sad for Michael.

    I know what it's like to have someone close like family be seriously ill, so I feel you.

  2. Hi. Oh wow, Mohrle is so cute. I never seen any lovable cat before. She is so sweet and yes the news is so sad. I hope she gets well soon. She's a strong cat <3

  3. Mohrle is very sick, Manal. She was in so much pain today.

  4. :'(((((( It's so sad...she died :'((((