Sunday, 15 August 2010

Birthday Weekend

Taking a walk in the forest about an hour's drive out of town.
It was quiet. None others around.
There were also no birds singing since they've moved on. A sign of the beginning of Summer's end.

Taking in Mother Nature all around me.

Path towards the deep.

Fir trees... alive and dead.
It's cool how tall and upright they grow and how they make the forest look so... Lothlorien.

Lady bug.

Bumble bee at work.

A brown, almost black caterpillar I found eating a leaf.
It must've been at least 3 inches long.


Visiting Han. Münden, a city nearby.
This is the river Weser (pronounced Vay-zuh), and it flows from here all the way to the North Sea. That's God-knows-how-many-kilometers long.
I'm facing north as I took this picture.

Crossing the river on a strange metal platform connected to an overhead wire which it uses to pull itself over.

Here you see the platform. And Micha's hand.

Our car... we're almost at the other side.

With Michael.


Birthday surprise from his mum, Regina :)

Cat-tongue chocolates! Mmm..
No cats injured during production.

When I asked about the flowers, Mutti said she picked the flowers herself.
So sweet :D I love it and the vase now stands in my room.

There were also some ceramic bowls that I got, a pretty blue candle, and 3 different tops in turquoise, pink, and purple.

She baked this cake for me too. It's marble cake sprinkled with caster sugar.
It tastes so so so much better than it looks! Lecker.


I enjoyed my birthday weekend.
Most of all, what I would definitely remember is Michael putting some effort into surprising me when my belly made grumbling noises out of hunger:

Hahaha. I just love his wacky ideas!
He thought it was a mother of a weird massacre but I thought it was thoughtful and cute. And maybe a little suggestive? :P But still cute.
It tastes pretty good too. Last year he made a food house for me and each time I think about it it still makes me smile.


  1. That forest looks scary.

    Btw, have you ever watched Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds? If you haven't, you should. It's good practice for your German.

  2. i didn't know you get hungry

  3. Hi kak ira, umi told me about the asparagus as a candle on your cake! HAHA. So cute.