Thursday, 12 August 2010

13th is my day

At first I didn't think I would be here to celebrate 5 years with Michael but it happened. Let alone my birthday. I've been here for 5 months now and it's the first time I ever get to see the world around me change.

It's not the beginning of summer's end. Lately I tried to grow a bed of garden cress but it's been a week and they're all still seeds. It's too cold for them now. I'm beginning to think that just because Ira's here, everything has to prove to me that it never gets warm here.
Well okay, I get it already.

Today I also had an appointment with the consultant from the employment agency (at the same time that's also where Michael works), just to get some information with regards to working here when I'm ready to take on something like that. It was interesting, I know a lot more now, and the best thing was that I did not massacre the german conversation, as expected. Micha was there to help, which was cool since there were two or three complicated (and bloody long) questions asked.
I was very nervous in the beginning though... I met him at work, and then kinda somehow ended up in the staff lounge where he and his colleagues were taking their break, man, that was kinda awkward in a new way, since all I could do was just sit there among all these germans speaking in all their german glory while I feel like a misplaced......... thing.

So, anyway, all that went quite well.
And I even went to the bookstore today to get me an advanced birthday present - my long gone friend: the book.

"I know you're here" the title says.

After browsing for around 15 minutes and picking books that didn't interest me one bit, I decided to leave the store. But soon my eyes caught on this one and once I read the synopsis at the back, I knew it was going to be a good read.

It's about Sarah, whose husband died in a canoe accident 3 years ago. But she still sees him around to the point that he shows up again at her door. Is he dead, is he not? I wanna know! :)

"Schaffst du das?" asked Micha. He wanted to know if I could understand the whole 300-something-paged novel.

"Ich versuche's", I said. Oh yeah, by all means, I am going to try. And nobody said I only have to read it once.

And tomorrow: horror movie marathon. The fact that I saw Jason and Freddy in my dreams not too far back was a great sign. Freddy tried to kill me, he had his clawy sharp hands down my throat. Well almost. But then Jason stuck two 3-meter long poles into him barely missing me. Freddy was disgusting, but Jason was sexy. He saved my life, even though, well, technically I also had to escape from him in the dream.

Until then, kids. Now don't run into any bad luck this Friday ;P
I'll think of you.

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  1. Many happy returns of the day.

    And it only makes sense that Jason tried to save you, it's his day after all.