Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Past blog banners

I found some of the banners I created for this blog in the past and decided to pull them together.

I don't realize it sometimes that I'm always facing away from the sun.

Close up of my eyes, back in 2008.

Lies. We love to tell them but hate to hear them.

My favourite one here. Emilie Autumn and her words in "Opheliac".

I don't remember having this one up, but probably I did only for a short time.
Latin words from the 130th Psalm, quoted in 'The Sixth Sense'.
"From the depths, I cry to Thee, Lord".

Stillness. Ever since I listened to it, I've never felt more whole.
Your negative thoughts, your money, the people you love, your possessions, your emotions, everything and everyone you claim to be 'yours' -- Do you see everything that isn't you?

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