Wednesday, 30 June 2010

About me

"Serpent's Trance" - from the Gnomes Series

About me:

My name is Ira and I've been offering my original fantasy art since 2010. I have a passion for art since I was a child and I've been creating ever since I could remember. I paint in my little apartment in a little city called Hildesheim in Germany despite being a fulltime student majoring in early childhood education. Creating is a huge part of my life and I strive to personally pay forward the joy that it has given me. Experience my journey here on my official blog.
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- Ira

Commissioned painting, untitled


Ira was born and raised on the island-city Singapore, now living and studying in Germany.
Ira's artworks are depictions of what she see in dreams, real-life experiences, and the creatures and colours that bear the message: Take it easy.
In her works she deals with difficult emotions like rage, fear, jealousy, insecurity and sorrow. It is as bright and joyful as it is dark and sinister. But it is also bare and simple.
She developed love for art at age 5 and dreamed of going to art school at 16. Although that dream didn't come true, she kept on creating.
In 2003 she began her journey doing pencil portraits and aftewards experimenting with acrylics on canvas.
She wants to keep creating so this is her journey.

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