Tuesday, 23 March 2010

To learn a lesson

Ira & Mohrle
Eyes closed, they touch nose-to-nose, forehead to forehead.
The two embrace in the Hongi. A traditional greeting peculiar to the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori. :)

It's past 3 pm as I start writing this, and I haven't seen Mohrle the whole day. But on a day when we were both just hanging out and having some 'girl talk' I took some pictures to show how warm and welcoming she is.

I am obviously obliged to do my homework but first I'm taking a couple of minutes to settle down, write and relax, and rethink how I'm supposed to organize a ton of vocab, grammar, and miscellaneous notes. In other words, procrastinating.

Class today was annoying and interesting. Three girls in my class are desperate to get a seat right next to me so they could get the right answer to everything all the time - so they can take down the same notes I take down and copy the efforts I put into my work.

One of them wouldn't even stop asking me questions all the time, and she never does without poking me in the arm first with her elbow.
Another keeps coming to me complaining that 'this/that girl' wouldn't exchange seats with her (to be able to sit next to me).
And another girl's willing to cramp into a small space just so she could reach me.

I was like: Please... stop fucking talking, women! My goodness! We're all helping each other out here! God...

One thing I don't understand is that, these girls - women, rather - have been in Germany eons longer than I have, yet I wonder what they're doing languagewise. Are they even trying to understand or are they really mentally-challenged that they just keep confusing themselves everytime something new comes up? And there's always a teacher in front of the class so that clearly and logically tells me that she's the one who deserves all the crazy questions. Not me!

So note to self: I learned a lesson. Next time I'm sitting next to the guys.

The interesting thing that happened today though, was meeting one of my ex-classmates from last year's class. Greg. He was my study-buddy, so to speak. We used to spend some time during the week to stay a little after class to discuss and clarify topics on German. So we helped each other out. During the break today I mentioned him to some of my classmates and sure enough a couple of seconds later his head popped up at the doorway and I was like.... shit, GREG!!!
I couldn't believe it. A year later and he still remembers me.

And he looks a little different with more facial hair. But those goofy eyes and glasses totally reminded me of an older Jason Mraz. Haha. Didn't feel so strange to me anymore being back in the school. When I asked what he was up to, he said that he's in the intermediate level now which he had to repeat this year since it was too difficult for him. But he was glad to see me because then we could be study-buddies again. I look forward.

After class, I met up with my dearest Michael, and we took a walk in the city. He showed me an Indian restaurant that he went once, and we also visited an Asian shop (kat Jerman pun ada kedai singseh, haha). But I only bought some sweet sauces.
I cooked for us today, and there's still stuff left over. But now that our stomachs are full, we are dismissed to invest some time on individual priorities.

Until next time. I hope you are all having a good week.


  1. awwww such a cute cat!wish i could meet her!!! sinseh mana mana tetap ada. LOL! XD

  2. I wish everyone could meet her, she's really special and deserves the mention.

  3. and i'm sure she loves the attention! hahaha <3