Monday, 15 March 2010

First week in Göttingen

This is a cat.
The cat is black.
It is a sign.... oooo...

Mohrle isn't staring at me at the moment, but she's very much in my face. And purring. I'm typing this out on a desk and she's between me and the laptop. I don't think I've ever felt so safe near another being who isn't human. But Mohrle's wonderful, she's nice to everyone. A little obsessed though, but tolerant and nice. I just have to cuddle her while I type so she leaves me alone again.

And thanks Aysh for reminding me to update my blog, haha.

Göttingen's very grey and wet at the moment. The weather looks like it's always going to rain. It's nice when it's still but chilly when the wind blows, even a little. The air is different, not too sure if I can describe it. It's so light and dry that when I take a deep breath my nostrils crack, lungs schriek and my blood carries the cold oxygen - perhaps there's no such thing as that - reluctantly all over my body. I'm recovering from a cold and although I felt a fever coming, it failed to even warm me up. But I love being able to wear a little more layers this time. It's not too cold but it's cool :p
I've missed my jacket and coat since the last time I left them here. They aren't of any use in Singapore anyway. My boots are here too, so that's useful. I left my beloved Birkenstock clogs back home coz... I don't know... I'm now pretty sure it must have been a deliberate mistake. It's like Ira leaving eyeliner behind. Should never happen.

The biggest thing about being here though is finally spending time with Michael. And sometimes without, without the reality of him being over 10,000 kilometers away or 6 or 7 hours behind. I miss how conversations with him are worth it even if they last for a short time, and how we spend time cooking, and sitting at the table enjoying a simple, warm, homemade dinner. Nothing fancy. Most of the time I only missed the simplest things, like just being able to hear his voice in the midst of this cold, light, dry, different air. And seeing him being all random and retarded. And then I can humour him to certain death. Hasn't happen yet but it just might somewhere down the road.

This wasn't exactly what we ate, but yeah, he made it nonetheless:

Foodscene. I guess. Looks like Tom. Ahaha.


The second best thing about being here is how much German I'm crash-coursing everyday. The scariest thing sometimes is learning a rule, concept, or principle in class and already having to use it on the bus on the way home to some stranger who's talking to me. That's how I practice?This is exciting and nervewrecking at the same time. It's the feeling of wanting to keep a dialog (not conversation - probably can't converse to save my life) going since I could be interested, and at the same time wanting to escape as soon as possible. So I'd have to give myself time.

Doing homework, before the table looked totally chaotic.

Volkshochschule, Göttingen. Where I'm taking my intensive German classes.

On the bus today there was a baby perked up on the seat in front of me. He was perhaps 6 months old, drooling like crazy, looking at me, smiling and shying away but still wanted to look at me. Haha. He was all wrapped up in this huge baby winter jacket and looked funny when he reached out towards me. He was everything but quiet. Always had something to say and complain about. It reminded me of the kids I worked with back at the kindergarten and daycare. I miss these little monsters sometimes.

I haven't had time to see much of the city yet, but that'll definitely be one of the things to do in the weeks to come. Any girls wanna come along for window shopping? I'm kinda permanently solo when it comes to that. :p

Alrighty, time to turn in.


  1. Yay Update! LOL i wanna go shoppinggggggggggggggggg!!! =D=D

  2. Haha ;) I'll go shopping with you anytime! Good to read you're in my neighbour country now :)