Thursday, 18 March 2010

A bit of sun

It was nice and warm today.
Actually it was pretty warm. When I saw that it was 17°C, I thought, that didn't feel like it, it felt more like 28°C. Even air-conditioning is often 'coolest' at 20°C in Singapore. Spring is here and the people, as I noticed, seemed a little more alive, a little more smiley, and it's still certainly supposed to get warmer.

The sun is like a blessing here at this time. And for me too just because I could whip out my shades pretty soon and put on the dress I sewed shortly before I made the trip.

And what was interesting today was that I saw a topless guy driving a convertible. Some people just can't wait to take all the layers off.

I want to see the leaves grow and the flowers bloom. And perhaps help Michael's mum out a little with the spring cleaning. Housework is shit but it is always good exercise.

Soon when I'm pretty much a little more settled, then you can expect to see more art cards on my blog. Yes, I'm so glad I brought my supplies along with me.

Gonna go pick Michael up from work now.


  1. I thought there's still snow?!
    And you liking the sun, strange. strange indeed.

  2. Damn it, Tom. Haven't I told you? Where Ira goes, there is no snow. There can be no snow. Therefore there is no snow. What can there then be?
    Sun of course.
    Do I like the sun? No.
    Do I accept her? Yes.
    The same way I accept a random poopie like you.

  3. Fine, don't accept a random wacko like me then!
    Damn it.

  4. BTW, just go to norway for your freaking snow