Thursday, 4 March 2010

10 hours to departure

I finished packing my stuff into a luggage that fell apart 2 seconds later. Major freaking-out moment that was. So I had to repack everything into a smaller one. And for a couple of months, I have to say that I have nothing but the essentials with me. That luggage is going to explode. And in my backpack, you don't even want to know what evil things lie there that I wish was in my luggage instead.

I'm so glad I'm done with the packing. It's less than 12 hours until my flight, I'm nervous-excited... to meet my boyfriend again and taking German lessons again... and getting super lost in translation.

Here's my guardian angel. Just the head this time coz I don't have space for a body.
Let's hope I don't lose the head... or get the head but lose the luggage.

Anyway, my sister made me a goodbye card and I thought that it was really sweet. It almost made me cry. I will miss her too. Especially. I'll miss laughing with her the most.

This will be my last update from Singapore. I will be writing from Göttingen, Germany once I'm all settled down there. It's going to be a crazy weekend, and an even crazier week ahead.

Bye for now! Take care, lovelies.


  1. Hello kak Ira! I knew you like the card, haha. When the PC is fixed soon, I'll paint some trading cards and put them on my blog and you can see.


  2. please oh please tell me the head is still there