Sunday, 28 February 2010

Saying goodbye to the tropical island

5 more days to go until my flight back to Germany. This is it. The dreadful part of having to pack my bags again. This time for Spring. Not sure how long I'll be away but it's going to be at least a couple of months. I'm going to miss home food.

Bye bye for now, my favourite chocolate drink that's infinitely better than the ones at Coffeebean and Starbucks.
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I like you messy and cold.
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I love you hot for breakfast or just on days when I am craving that full chocolate taste.
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Bye for now, Nasi Lemak. Something I know how to make but it would take too long to find all the things I need on the other side of the world.
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Bye for now, hot cup of soya bean milk.
Sure, I could get the weird tasting ones in Germany, but it's nothing like the real thing you get here.
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Bye for now, Beef & Chicken Satay.
I will miss your simple sweetness and kickass sauce.
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Bye for now, Laksa Noodle.
I know how to make this too, but I'd rather not lose and arm and leg looking for what I need.
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Bye for now, Vegetarian Tom Yum Soup.
The one I'll miss the most. Can't say how good this is at relieving colds.
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Bye for now, Chicken & Mushroom Puff from Old Chang Kee.
What I would grab in the middle of anywhere in Singapore when I absolutely have to.
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These are stuff I certainly don't eat everyday, but they are nice to have (and prepare) once in awhile. Comfort food, as anyone would call it.

Since coming home last year I remember how totally different I was. Like I tend to say 'good morning' or 'thank you' a lot even if it's over a brief split-second encounter. Or getting the urge to say 'Entschuldigung' instead of 'Excuse me', or the urge to call my boss 'Frau (her last name)' instead of being on first-name basis. It kinda felt rude somehow. And the most embarrassing thing?: Flashing my EZ-link card to the bus driver instead of tapping it, and totally forgetting to tap out as I alighted. Way to go!

Living here again in the past year has gotten me back to being familiar with how things are.
And I learned something new: teaching children and learning from them. It was that valuable 8 months working at a Kindergarten and it pretty much happened by chance. But I decided to do it and in a heartbeat I would do it again.... of course if I didn't have to leave :)
Perhaps I should visit them again one more time before I go. We'll see.

So I've been clearing up my desk, sorting and rearranging my wardrobe, writing and striking out stuff on my packing list, taking in enough early morning sun as I could during aerobics and brisk walking, and finishing the last of the things I need to do. And there's still quite a few.

Once in Göttingen, I will hardly get a weekend's break before the language course starts. It's going to be a lot like coming out of a hot spring and jumping into the Atlantic ocean. Culture shock love. I plan to blog about my experience, like the last time, but perhaps a little more. My Olympus camera's battery cover is broken and it won't power up unless I duct-tape it and hold it in place. But let's pray that it abides as long as possible so I could take pictures for my readers too.

So that's my update for the time being.

I will be writing about my tailoring attempts in my next post. I gave sewing a try and did a few dress-making projects. All of which failed except for one which I am pretty much proud of despite it being probably the girliest thing I would ever wear. I love it. More about that later.

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  1. have fun in Germany, but i'm sure you will =D