Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Germany - Day 20

Isn't time giving us all whiplash...
The weather here has been just a little above zero but it's good. The snow had disappeared. Whether or not mometarily I would not know.

I had a test today which I know I did very well in (hee), and I'm now just trying to get through the day like it's just another day.
Last night I vowed to get at least 8 hours of sleep, sacrificing the fact that I had to revise for the test today. I probably won't have enough sleep either here. I know it feels more like what it's like at home over time.

Having my own place to stay is great. Absolutely. And the neighbours here make contact with me in 2 weeks more than my neighbours back home do in a whole year.

Went to 3 different Asian shops in the city here yesterday. They were small but had almost everything I could buy in Singapore especially when it comes to food. So no, I don't think I would miss the food back home. I found Tempeh, prepared Satay sauce, Laksa and Rendang paste, Masala stuff, all kinds of Sambals, and I probably forgot a lot more things I could mention here.
One shopkeeper from Thailand spoke to me and literally won't let the conversation go. Haha. Probably her only customer for the day. Or week. I don't know. Okay most probaly not in a week, that'd be bad for business.

I found it interesting that I could find familiar items for cooking here. And once in awhile I might just crave for them but it's nothing new. All I know right now is that I am eating all the smoked Salmon I could eat. :P
I like it so much I'm curious to see if I'll ever get sick of it.

I'm eating a lot more here than I do back home. I feel fat already. But WHO CARES lah. I'll be fat and be happy. Right? Right.

I must tend to a slight problem now. Hope you are having a good week.

Rindfleisch Spätzle. (Excellent Chef: Michael)

Göttingen (a very small part of): Tiny playground.

My cosy classroom.

Waiting for time to pass...

This looks depressing but it's actually quite cool. Just clouds, sunless.

Göttingen: Rapid sunset.

Göttingen: Sunset at "his place".

Frozen lake (Kiessee).

Frankfurt airport train station.

Frankfurt airport train station.


  1. Hi Ira!

    Yes, I've heard you are in Europe in my neighbour country ;) Glad to read your having a good time over there. You sound quite happy anyway...

    I wish you a lot of luck :)

  2. Hi Anouk!
    Yes I'm a lot closer to your country now :) Thanks for the well wishes (right back to ya). I'm doing great and just going through my days as I always do.