Saturday, 5 January 2008

We'll meet again when both our cars collide

I really don't feel like updating. So for your review, I have exhumed an old poem I found hiding in a place that cannot be named. I don't write poems anymore. Hm. No. Not really.

I've been reading alot and enjoying it.
On Christmas Eve I found myself a job. I'm PROUD of myself regardless of what sort of mistakes I make or how many times I humiliate myself. To hell with everything else (a.k.a shit-that-I-have-to-put-up-with-from-now-on). I've seen them all coming. But now things are going to change. I get enough sleep. I wake up before dawn and thought "Good girl, Ira". I take cold showers in the morning and enjoy freezing (Yes. That's weird. Get used to it.) I make myself a hot cup of chocolate every morning. I like the feeling of putting on my makeup and taking it all off at the end of the day. I take a good book with me. I enjoy my train rides. I love listening to my MP3s. I enjoy my breaks and my walks. I enjoy my days off. I enjoy the work I do even if the fact is that I really hate to live like this. But hey, I'm happy.

And it will be the 8th day of the month again soon. And someone's birthday too. What more reasons not to be happy? I could be happy for someone too. That because he was born, it caused an existence that made my life became all the more interesting to live for. But I'm just one of the (many?) people he inspired anyway (maybe just being modest here).

There's a really sweet calendar hanging from my wall. This month it's a picture of me and Mohrle. :)

I'm going to be busy for quite some time.
Good night.

Tracing Stars

Walking in the streets of this city
Surrounded by cars and lights
Road signs aglow
The moon seem to follow
What do I do, I thought
Now where do I go

Wind in my hair
Light on my skin
You've always been there
Always only a dream

Ungrateful is me
Lying in my bed not asleep
Sharpening the memory of my five senses
Bringing You back to me

You can fly
You took me high enough
I never knew
What I could see from Your point of view

Unfaithful is me
I thought I walked with You
But were You with me? No
It wasn't You

Lost in the fun of tracing stars
I've been holding on tonight

Illusions - the colourful display
Strong enough to break me
These powerful lies

Expectations so high
High enough it left me
Lovelorn, You saw me

Lost in the fun of tracing stars
I held on too tight

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