05 December 2014

The best performances that inspire me

Tori performs Flavor here with a rendition that she's only done live and then never again. She falls into the "flow" and just gets taken away by the music.

Ella performs Yellow Flicker Beat live and this was a video that was taken from a very interesting perspective which makes her look almost powerful yet graceful. And how her dancing reminds me of the kind of freedom that most of us are afraid of.

I've seen multiple videos of Zee Avi performing Concrete Wall but this was an interesting perspective which - in combination with headphones - enhances the auditive perception of the audience. The lack of colours adds to the experience, making you listen to the words instead of revealing the actual lack of visual quality. I love what the song is trying to convey - being in a conflict with someone but standing your ground in silent disapproval.

I haven't had so much fun watching any performance until I watched The Birthday Massacre performing Blue live. This footage was taken during the Mera Luna festival here in my town a few years ago. Chibi's expressions during the performance I found disturbing but the art of fluctuating from sinister to adorable in such a short time and over and over again just shouts out talent to me. This is something we don't quite see everyday. I love it.

Jason Mraz's performance of I Won't Give Up recorded in a Berlin church some years back was one of the first live performances of him that I've watched after/during the release of this song. It just blew the soul out of my body because THAT VOICE is so crystal clear and powerful and he inspires with it just effortlessly. I am still a fan of Jason and of his words. Not just a fine singer but a writer of all things deep, playful, kind and awakening.

Last but not least, just for the record: a live orchestral performance of Invincible, one of the main soundtracks of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. The first time I saw the cinematics with this song in the background it just gave me crazy goosebumps. I set out to find out the story of the Lich King - the story of Arthas - and what became of him just saddened me. If this was a movie, it'll be just as good as the Lord of the Rings or even better. In the game I've only encountered Arthas once, but maybe someday soon I might see him in Icecrown Citadel.

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