17 December 2014

Annoying people and their annoying aura

I wonder why I try to understand people when they show me their annoyed faces.
When they show me their shit faces I tend to think:
"Oh, they're just having a bad day" instead of thinking:
"They're probably annoyed by me and my ways."

I also wonder why I try to understand people when they do things that annoy me.
When they ask me a stupid question like:
"Do you eat noodles with your hand?"
"And it doesn't really bother you to eat with your hand?"

I'd say:

"No, I only eat soup with my hands. I scoop out the liquid and try to suck it out of my watertight fingers."

"So do you eat soup with a knife and fork? Doesn't that bother you?"
But instead I tried to understand…
Maybe they're not THAT stupid and ignorant.

But I do eventually question who's the one kidding.
I keep trying to understand other people without expecting them to understand me.
And how often do they reciprocate? Almost hardly ever. Only when I'm lucky enough to meet the ones that are just as emphatic as I am.

Sometimes I really wish I was an arrogant, sarcastic, ignorant asshole for one day.


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