21 July 2014

Blogging once more, after a long pause

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Crawling out once again from my educational grave, I greet you so whole-heartedly to my ever so lifeless blog. I would shake your hand with my cold hands if only I could. I just survived one of the worst comatose phases in the history of being (un)inspired.

On this glorious occasion of the ending month of July which marks the wonderful demise of this horrible state of emergency, I invite you to celebrate my return to the dimension where you and I belong and live in. Hello. You cannot even begin to imagine how nice it is to see you again.

As I begin to define my recovery I was faced with plenty of obstacles. There was hardly a second to breathe or to recognize what day and time it is. My body is beaten. And the ones who breathed down my neck entered my life just as good as parasites can ingest. I was going to compare them to demons but they're not even the effort's worth. And I let them because I had to. They had something I needed. And I was so afraid of losing the foot I had tried to keep in what I call reality. But gladly I still remember how life on my part used to be. I've been searching for the way back ever since.

Today I found the slightest indication of the road which all of this had made me strayed from. I wonder if this is how Hansel and Gretel felt when they thought they'd found their trail back home. I don't wish to go back but I wish to get back onto the trail where I felt safe carrying on. 
I'm on my way there and I know... for the poem below which seemed to have come out of nowhere - in this very moment - is a spark of evidence.
Maybe my prayer will be answered.

I return therefore still traumatised. But I return nonetheless. And look... there is so much to look forward to. After my birthday in August, I will be travelling north to the Baltic Sea to physically be in a place which I can only associate better days with. To once again feel the sand and touch the sea. I've never been so far away from the coast this long. So it's time.

I return therefore to the sounds that give me strength from the inside. Songs from the darkest side.

Black Box
© 2014 Ira Roslan

There is a portal to the white church
where they sing of happy day
and summon angels how glorious,
of lies - they lie and get away

It stands by a narrow, wet tunnel
the stench of carcasses, rain and stone
buries death yet waiting to crumble
this is the only way home

There is sanctuary in a black box awakened
There they call for better days
as they say - I hereby invoke the spirit forsakened
Return to the life you once threatened

And I invoke the spirit of better days


Warning: Severe Distortion.

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