14 April 2014

Have you ever observed... a young drummer?

I haven't really written a post based on a random observation so here's one today. I posted a new category "Have you ever observed" so perhaps I'd do some other observations on things that I probably wouldn't acknowledge on any normal day.

Have you ever observed a young drummer?
I haven't done that. I see them play in concerts, I see them in my favourite bands but I never got interested about their names and never asked myself what encouraged them to learn the drums. I saw this video today by a young drummer from Iceland who did a cover of Imagine Dragons' Radioactive and I was just fascinated by the ability to stay in rhythm that I myself can't even begin with.

I think he's so immersed in it that the person just disappears with the rhythm and they become one.

His name is Aron Bragi Baldursson and his YouTube channel is Arora Covers.
Let his cover speak for itself.

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