04 December 2013

Lava Fields :: abstract stars landscape acrylic painting on canvas, vibrant themed

Lava Fields
40x40cm (16"x16"),
acrylic on canvas, © 2013 Ira Roslan

Lava Fields is a vibrant-themed painting I completed on a self-stretched canvas. The canvas was surprisingly stable enough - something I didn't expect for the first time. The canvas is painted on all sides so it hangs pretty neatly on the wall. No framing necessary.

It depicts my interpretation of a volcano eruption in the night sky. The ground is breaking and the fields turn into lava. The sky lights up suddenly and the stars compete with magma in the darkness for the brightest spot.

I've been watching some documentaries on my austronesian heritage and became very inspired with many exotic aspects like vocanoes, huts, plants, the pacific ocean, sea creatures, stars that guide, corals and the skies. I admit that it was a lot of fun painting this one... just playing around with the colours to see what eventually comes out of it.

The progress of this painting was recorded in a time lapsed video so if you're interested you could watch how the entire painting came to be.

Sit back, relax and enjoy :)

Detail views:

these digital pictures DO NOT do this painting justice.

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  1. who kept walking in the background ><

    1. Haha.. it's Michael. Seems like he moves a lot in the video after speeding it all up. XD