30 December 2013

Formations :: abstract stars, skies, landscape art painting

© 2013 Ira Roslan
40cm x 40cm
acrylics on canvas

I will be putting this piece in my store very soon. I don't plan to make any prints of it for now so this is the only piece available. Varnished with UV protection and ready to hang.

Formations is an abstract painting of the stars, the skies and the landscapes. 
It was one of those paintings I struggled to start with and one of those I stared at during the progress for far too long. It took me 7 days to decide whether I should carry on painting it or to destroy it.

After picking up on it again I decided to make some changes to that of which it it wants to become and this is the result. 

On Facebook earlier today I mentioned that I was thinking about the year (2013) as I was painting this. It was a very challenging and hectic year and it wasn't easy for me to juggle both a day job that I cannot take for granted and a passion that is a huge part of me. I couldn't paint as much as I wanted to, so for the new year I want to make some positive changes.

I hope to conclude my abstract stars and skies collection so I can scratch an itch that's been killing me for awhile now. 2014 calls for some new gothic, fantasy artworks.

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