13 December 2013

First time to heal and recharge since 4 months

I can once again lie back and put my feet up.

This is the first picture I've taken of myself in 4 months with the intention to remind myself that I need to stop and smell the flowers.
I'm a week away from the Christmas & New Year's holidays and for the past 2 weeks I've been slowly trying to recover from the trauma of all the workload since August.

I left home earlier than usual today so I could go to school and submit my first finished report for the semester. The deadline was today but rumours had it that it was to be extended. However there was no written confirmation on that. So I didn't trust it and finished my report in time anyway.
It was a massive load off of my shoulders.

I'm pretty much already in holiday mode. Kinda glad - really, really glad - that I feel good at the moment. This healing phase I'm going through is allowing me to get enough rest, enough time for my artworks and time alone. An introvert like myself needs to recharge in absolute peace.

The weather was exceptionally nice today. The sun was out and shining through the balcony windows. I didn't know when was the last time I noticed the weather. But today I soaked up the rays for a few minutes and my stress levels plunged.

It hasn't snowed yet in Hildesheim. Just a winter storm last week and a thin layer of snow after that. I guess I can't expect much in December just yet. But it's getting colder and colder by the days.

What I really look forward to right now is a warm shower, a clean bed and a good night's sleep. And perhaps I'll paint tomorrow or read another one of those really good swedish thriller novels.

Finally some peace and quiet...