08 September 2013

Too busy to tell anyone I'm busy

My hands are full.
And it's just the beginning. I broke down earlier in the week (and earlier last week) for the load that's been slamming onto my shoulders, that I wasn't at all ready to carry. I had to ask for help and I did... so I'm glad to have had a little more room to breathe.

I find myself back at that point - 10 years ago - where I was always looking at the clock. Loathing time. Chasing it although knowing that there is absolutely no point to it.

Apparently though, I wasn't too busy to be infected by sick children at work. My nights became nights of utter discomfort as I found myself waking up because of a headache, a sore throat or a random cough as though I had choked on my own saliva. And yesterday - on an important Saturday - where I needed that time to study for a test on Monday I came down with high fever accompanied by joint and muscle pain, headaches and chills.

Just like that.

So do I choose to kill myself and study or choose to find comfort and heal? Of course... I had to prioritise. So lying in bed with a blanket, pillows and cooling pad to curb the 39.6°C fever was obviously the better choice to make. I am no use sick as a dog.

Lucky for me (and thanks to Michael for his tender loving care) the fever lasted only 10 hours and I reclaimed my glow throughout the rest of the night. And today I feel perfectly healthy. :)
Good to know that my immune system is still on bad-ass mode. That's kind of important if I were to survive as a kindergarten teacher in an institution full of microbe carriers.

I have to admit that I was quite worried about being sick on Monday since I wouldn't want to miss out on the test. I'm the kind of person who'd rather get things over and done with a.s.a.p. But anyway, this means a day full of cramming on Sunday. There is no way I could've changed that to the better. Everything was last-minute. But now I know... sometimes you just have to be one step ahead of your leader.

Just so you know, this has been the reason for my absence on Facebook. There is hardly time to breathe.
Or is there?

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