06 August 2013

Fantasy whimsical art: Enchanted Dusk - gnome and butterfly painting

"Enchanted Dusk"
30cm x 40cm, acrylics on canvas
© Ira Roslan

Early stages:
Enchanted dusk started out as an image in my mind that had always put a smile on my face. I first made a sketch of it with the intention to start painting it right away but I kept it away and came back to it and kept it away again and did this for weeks before finally picking up the paintbrush..
I considered various dimensions for it. I wanted to make it a big one but looking at my current art supplies I knew that I'd have to settle with what I have at the moment.

About the series:
I use gnomes as a subject of the series because they're small, mysterious and often go unnoticed in a garden or the lawn. What's interesting to me is that they are perceived as either smart and cute or mischievous and evil. The point at where these two extremes meet make them fascinating creatures. The fact that I've been noticing them often here in Germany - in the corners in carparks, in people's backyards, in cemetaries and in parks - has made me want to explore more about what gnomes may be like.
In my paintings they lose their traditional red caps, beard and walking sticks. They might even have guardians like a little frog. And their world - like ours - is where good and evil, joy and sorrow perfectly coexist.

About Enchanted Dusk (the painting):
It's just a shy little gnome who bears a secret and she is glad that no one is going to find out what it is.
Just keep calm and smile!

Here's another shot of "Enchanted Dusk" at the easel in natural daylight.

More details of the painting:

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