15 April 2013

New painting in progress

Last night I thought about doing another pop surrealistic painting like the ones I've done before so upon waking up I pulled out my sketchbook and started drafting.

I'm determined to get out of my artist's block so I took a serious step. After a literally agonizing session at the dentist this morning all I wanted to do was run home and get down to work.
And that was what I did. Walking home in pain was crazy but I was more determined than ever to paint again.

I looked at the time and thought about school. I had to go to school. But I literally couldn't bring myself to. I know that my judgement can't be right all the time but this time I knew that it was now or never. Either I start making some new artworks now or I waste the time away by sitting in class for 8 hours wishing I had.
No. It was time I recognize how crucial making art is for me.
I've been pushing it away and pushing it away, thinking I have other priorities that can never wait.

So this is what came out of the time that I decided to make today.
Every stroke is turning out the way I want them to be... so much that I don't want the painting to finish :)

This... is what I love doing.

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