04 April 2013

Hypocrisy seen with naked eyes

I had the opportunity today to experience the current state of humanity. A person who was speaking in front of me and others. She was alive... but unconscious.

She spoke of the disabled in the german society and how they are to be included in all schools when it comes to education. It's an interesting topic.

Then she spoke of the fact that the disabled have certain disadvantages when it comes to reaching certain goals or achievements. And this is due to the general education system as a whole. How are they supposed to catch up with us when the society works at top speed, expects excellent grades and works in complex ways? She said, "We're living in an achieving society."
In other words: meritocracy. A political philosophy which believes that power should be vested in individuals according to merit, intellectual talent or demonstrated achievement.
"This has to stop," she said.

After a round of discussions I noticed a reaction from her which was rather peculiar.
She began gesturing with her hands and arms and face... telling us to discuss more... speak more... debate.. more... more... more...
It wasn't enough - that which we have already discussed. It has to have more suspense... more thrill... more drama... more, more, more....

I stopped short.
Wait a minute, I thought.
She spoke of a great political defect like a minute ago and yet... she began demanding that very thing which she claimed - a minute ago - to be a huge problem.
She stood there as an educator... demanding demonstrated achievement... just so it's good enough for her.

It's a shame.
I sat there shaking my head in disappointment. It was hard, yet interesting, to realize how impossible society really is. You can speak of it, criticise it, go against it... but it has you. And turns everything back around right under your nose.

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