12 April 2013

A shadow at a cemetery

A shadow or a thing

My dreams range from being extremely wacky to extremely scary. I'm about to leave for school in a couple of minutes so I made a quick sketch of a dream I had last night.

In this dream I was walking up a familiar street - a street I know that exists in real life. I've only driven by but that was a long time ago. On my right I saw trees and bushes. Then I looked closer and saw that it was a cemetery.

I kept on walking until I heard voices. They were like soft whispering conversations in a crowd. I didn't respond, I kept walking.

Then something took control of me. Or so it seemed. I was deaf but I heard its voice. I was blind but I saw its shape. It was faded... dark... and looks like a human without any features. It spoke to me in a language I didn't understand and it was angry, impatient... aggressive.
I couldn't move a muscle but I knew that I had to fight back and push it away.

It wanted something from me... that was the only thing I understood.
But I'm the one who's alive and stronger than it was... and I reminded this shadow of it. It ended up enraged and let out one of the loudest curse I've ever had to hear, not through my ears but deep in my mind. And that was so fucking painful. Do you know that feeling you have in a dream, before falling off an edge?
That was what it was like when it screamed at me.

And then I was there again, on this dark and quiet lane, and I was breathing on my own.
It was gone... but I was too weak to run so I just kept on walking.

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