11 February 2013

My good night ritual

I want to lie in bed tonight feeling calm, contented and ready to fall asleep.

When I sip down my last cup of warm tea for the day, I want to wash away all the negative energy that people has projected on me today.

When I tuck myself into the bed, I close my eyes and I let the cold sheets reach into my bones and retreat again when my body's temperature takes control.

And my head feels heavy, my neck and shoulders relax, my breathing slow and stable and my muscles cease to contract.


Then I curl myself up like a fetus because it feels good.

I hear myself breathing. I hear Micha breathing. We are alive and no longer 10,300km apart from each other.

Thankful is how I feel for everything that I have.

Now I'm back between the sheets. Warm again.

No cold feet. No cold hands. It's all good.

I suddenly see my dreams... and sometimes nightmares. And the negative energy tries to get to me again - the things to do, the people that are always in my face, my desperation to get away from it all. How do I do that?

So come back to bed again....

I'm here now. In this moment. Just me, this breathing, this space.

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