10 October 2012

Making of "Enter My Paradise"

Now everyone can follow up on the making of one of my paintings, "Enter My Paradise".
In this part you will see how the painting slowly takes shape.

I started with a blank 60cm x 30cm canvas panel, of which I posted a tutorial about here: How to make simple canvas panels.
Also this time I worked spontaneously without any pre-sketches on the panel.

Day 1:
Painting in the background.
At this point I noticed how different the surface feels so it took a little getting used to.
I had to see how the colours behave on the panel e.g. Could I blend them well? How fast do they dry? Etc.

Day 2:
So now I just painted in the focus point of the painting: a little hairless girl shooting what seems like large bubbles out of a gun. She has no eyes (soul) yet.
You might have noticed that the colours show up differently here. That's because I took this picture at night and the lighting was just not good enough. The dark turquoise sky looks dark blue. :(

Some time later the only thing missing about the little girl is her hair.
I painted some more shades in and at this point I just wanted to keep going until the painting's finished.

Day 3:
Finally the best part: painting the bubble spirits and giving them faces.
I felt like I could give them any face I wanted. I wonder how they feel.

Putting in the final touches now. 
I love being able to decide how the environment in my painting is supposed to be.
I wanted it to snow. Specifically, I wanted it to start snowing.

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