11 October 2012

Going art-crazy in school

Designing a 'Rules Poster' for children.

Now you know what sort of things I get to do in school too. *smirk*
I love one thing about it this time: 
Arts & Crafts and Teamwork!

Everyday's a good day when I make art (even if it's super crappy) and today was one of those days.
I was in a wonderful team and our task was to create an example of what a Rules Poster would look like in the creative corner in a kindergarten.

I gathered a couple of ideas from my team members and brought them to life.

Delicious-looking figure wearing cap and apron.

She got the attention of some in the class.

The rules written in simple German.
Translations are on the first image on

Not so clear: our names were written right at the bottom.

The following is another teamwork done a few weeks ago.
We had very little time to prepare and had to make a few last-minute decisions.
We didn't know each other that well but we didn't care.
We had a poster and balloons and on them the most important keywords that were at the same time our guideline during the presentation.

 We had the entire room to ourselves and it was a long day.
So we made some smiling balloons to cheer us up and get us back in the mood!


All balloons were popped at the end of the day.
What a racket!

And it's just the beginning :)

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