08 September 2012

My Sad Heaven

"Girl ignored" 2012, Illustration

Sunrise, sundown... and the first week in vocational school is over. I've handed in my first assignment and prepared my first group project for a presentation next Tuesday.
I still feel rather outcasted by the rest in class, but it's just how it feels.
And walking about in the school hallways mean inviting people to stare at me. But today I've found a quiet place to sit in during the breaks - the school library.

I'm working on a series of illustrations called My Sad Heaven.... and it's inspired by one of my own blog posts - the one that's being mostly read on Stark Corner.
I'm hoping (working) to replace the photos with these illustrations and help some of my readers (especially female) to cheer up a little.

Some of you may have already read the post.
Some who commented were nice and some comments from those who weren't didn't get published at all. It was a post not meant for everybody - actually intended for me, but somehow people are still reading. It's a strange thing... but I'd make something out of it.

These things I just mentioned keep reminding me that nothing is perfect.

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