09 September 2012

Illustration of a girl writing

"Girl on Paper"
 Edition #10 of 13, Illustration 2012,
Ira Roslan

It's almost 9pm. I've eaten quite a bit today but I still feel hungry. Maybe it's not hunger, maybe it's craving for something comforting. I wish it was already Tuesday so that I can get another Root Canal Treatment behind me - can no longer deal with the pain.

Anyway, Edition #10 of my illustration series is finished, showing a girl writing in her journal in bed. Journals are good for expressing oneself. I started mine when my dad passed away when I was 11. But it was not only like therapy, I also practiced my writing skills and got better in English because I never stopped writing, even until today.

I write my thoughts in German now... sometimes. My writing still needs a lot of practice for me to be able to really express myself fully. When it comes to this then I'd say that German is a difficult (and crazy) language. But then, when I write in my journal, I can check my own mistakes, I can correct them myself, nobody judges me, nobody thinks about me, and my thoughts stay on paper.

It's one way I take care of myself.

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