02 September 2012

Goodbye Summer holidays

June turns to September so fast. Even more so when life is this good. But all good things come to an end and it is now time to focus on school. I think I've had my well-deserved break and I am fully recharged for a new beginning.

Here are some of the things I'm thankful for.

Gone are the days when I can sleep in... check the time... sleep in again.

Checking the weather early in the morning... oh, good morning Sun.

Time to wake up and freshen up.

Making a kettle of tea every morning. And just to make sure I drink enough, I make two kettles a day.

Breakfast mess. Everything I need for a banana-cinammon pancake.

Pancake's cooking, time to go do something else while waiting.

Tuning in to the news... and checking out what's new.
Here it reads: Bomb explosion in Munich. Flames immediately under control.
I thought the authorities decided to let a bomb that was found explode in the middle of the city.
But it turned out that they failed to disarm it. I don't remember if there were injuries, but damages for sure.

Gone back to my pancake... oh dear, it looks a little neglected.
Having breakfast in a quiet setting.
Just me, my pancake and my tea.

Doing the laundry in the cold basement where all the spiders and spiderwebs are.
Doing it in my own pace... no hurry because during the summer holidays, I have time.
When I'm busy again, this will be like a marathon.

Finding weird things in my apartment, like a sheet of bubble wrap.
Oooh! (^___^)

...and popping them.
Well these were huge and made a KAPAPOW! sound that was too violent. 
Not good for the neighbours.

Why is she staring at me like that?

Making comfort food, anytime I like, however I like.
Fries... Mmm....

Having the time to go for walks in strange places, like this old castle that's at least 1000 years old.

Spending some outdoor time with my Mama, just having some girltalk and ice-cream.
She is so sweet and so nice to me.

And then doing stuff like sitting with my friends at their garden, ripping off some flower and sticking it in my hair.

...or going for walks at night and being chased by this creepy cat.

And coming home to shower, crashing into bed again, maybe write in my journal, and drifting off to dream of weird, weird things.

Those days are over for now :)

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