09 September 2012

A little something I'm working on

Hey everyone. Just to update you on the next illustration I'm working on right this moment.

It's a nice change after waking up today at 06:30 from a weird dream of wet, rotten, maggoty meat which I found lying in the open in the balcony. And then someone came in and told me that I have to cook them. (?!)

I haven't had breakfast yet since I was a tad bit nauseated after this dream. So I went about going back to drawing. This illustration is edition #10 from 13.

Making them is reminding me of how I loved freehand drawings, colouring them in, and putting them together to make a story.

For the moment I've given my paintbrushes a break and there is still so much to learn about digital artworks, which I will take up sometime, when it feels right, I'm sure.

I ought to eat something before I carry on. Something clean and delicious would keep the nightmare maggots out of my head.

Hope you're having a good weekend!

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