30 August 2012

Mail from friends

I just settled myself down on the couch to read when the postlady rang at the door.
So this arrived just a couple of minutes ago from my ex-colleagues and also good friends, Mariah and Kammy, from Singapore - meant for my birthday.

Official delivery:
10:40 AM, German time :)

Unpacking everything took no time.
Mariah made a pencil portrait of me with sweet written words which entirely made my day.
Two little surprises still await and I opened them to see!

Sally and Jack Skellington pens popped out and it was a really good surprise.
These girls know me. Haha.
I love Nightmare Before Christmas, and generally the works of Tim Burton.
They will accompany me during my days in vocational school for the next 2 years, hehe.

And the last but not least surprise was a Psycho Doll handknitted by Kammy.
Isn't this amazing? She's the only person I know who can knit stuff just by having a 'feeling' for it. Talking about talented...
She once made me a large Jack Skellington knitted doll, which accompanied me on my second trip to Germany (you can read about it here).

Aww, he put his heart out for me. I will take very good care of you, Psycho Doll.
Kammy runs Sunsation Gifts Online Shop with tons of adorable creations. 
Visit their Facebook Page to see more.

I'd like to thank Kammy and Mariah for their kindness and thoughtfulness.
I'm so grateful that we crossed each other in our lives :)

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