14 August 2012

How I like my birthday - August 13

During our walk on a sunny, sunny day.

This is how I like my birthday:

  • Waking up really early
  • Taking a beauty shower, pampering myself
  • Hugging and cuddling Michael (it's amazing how this calms me down and makes me high)
  • Going for a walk
  • Taking pictures
  • Thinking about my family
  • Feeling electrified
  • Going on a date with Michael
  • Not cooking, cleaning, or tidying up
  • Going out for lunch or dinner and having some really good food
  • Receiving well wishes, feeling remembered and blessed
  • Having a small almost-party
  • Receiving artworks as birthday presents (or as a gift in general, I love them)
  • Taking a moment to be thankful
  • Smiling in the mirror

Birthday platter. What do you see?

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