02 July 2012

People who appreciate my stuff

I'm so impressed and touch by some people I know who still keep the drawings, cards, and artworks I made for them. Something I had never expected. How they show up again on Facebook after so many years, it's amazing!

These were some of the stuff I made at least a decade ago. As a child and a teenager, I was naturally a very appreciative person. I loved to create, share, and give. 

This looked more interesting in the dark I guess. Hehe.

Writing a classmate's name in Elvish (specifically Sindarin) - a fictional language created by author JRR Tolkien. I put so much effort into learning the language back then. I have forgotton most of it now but it was worth every minute.

Cameras were not allowed in school, so what did I do? I drew! :)
And this was just as good as a photographic memory.
For those of you who didn't know, I used to be in an islamic school and this was our uniform.
There I had more worst memories than good, but this moment... it was good.

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