04 July 2012

Make your own stretched canvas (Part 1 of 2)

Here's what I decided to keep myself busy with today - building my first wooden frame for a 90cm x 60cm canvas.

I bought four 2m-long wooden panels from the hardware store. 
Then I measured them according to how large I want my canvas to be and sawed them up. These will make up the borders and support.

The four supporting panels which looked different than in the first picture.
I sawed them wrongly in the first place so I had to do it all over again.
I'm a perfectionist :) so even if it means more work, it's always worth it later.

Introducing my sexy saw. It's actually much harder work than it looks.
Putting this thing together was impossible in the first place, but it does the job afterwards.

So then I made sure that the corners are correctly aligned using a 90° ruler.
Then I glued the edges together and secured them down with a nailgun. Any nail that protrudes gets violently hammered in. What a good way to release any leftover stress.

Finally I glued and nailed on the supporting panels so that the frame remains steady when I use it to stretch the canvas later. I also had to make sure that they won't come in contact with the canvas since that's going to get in the way when I start to paint.
Not bad for a first-timer, I have to say so myself!  :-P

I'm taking a short break right now... thanks to my hunger. I wouldn't have stopped otherwise coz this is such a fun process. Smoothing out the edges and stretching the canvas would be the next two things I'm going to be doing this evening.

SO... till later.

Now waiting for my Käsespätzle (german mac-and-cheese)... it's still in the oven.
Hurry hurry hurry, Ira's so hungry hungry hungry.

Continued in part 2 of Making my own canvas.

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